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There are many ways to find a tax preparer job based on the type of job you are looking for in regards to tax preparation. If you are a tax preparer, you realize that this type of position is seasonal, however, it can also be very lucrative.

Tax preparer jobs come in different formats and will include the by the hour tax job. This type of job is usually either working for a independent tax CPA firm or a large franchise such as HR Block, Jackson Hewitt, or Liberty Tax, to name a few. These type of tax jobs can be good for when you are first starting out or are willing to leave some money on the table for some sort of feeling of security. The large franchises usually offer a hourly pay ranging from about $8-$12 per hour and a small bonus at the end of tax season based on volume. These bonuses are usually around 3% if you are lucky.

Another type of tax preparer job, is one where you can work your own hours and at your own pace with the support of a large name. This type of tax preparer job is where you are paid as an independent representative and provided a 1099 instead of a W2. When looking for an independent tax job, you will find that most will offer you software and the majority will also have the bank products for your clients, but there are very few that will provide you professional marketing material. These independent tax jobs also usually require you to pay some upfront fee. The ones that do not charge any up front fees probably offer you less of a percentage for your contract. It is rare to find both a good percentage per return done as well as good support, no up front fees, and a professional look and feel. Although rare, it is possible.

So, what are the pros and cons of working as a tax preparer as an hourly employee versus working as a tax preparer as an independent contractor? It really comes down to individual personalities. Some personalities need security and will exchange freedom and monetary potential for that security. The top franchises will usually offer that security of having a weekly paycheck, but in some cases security is not even a sure thing with the franchises as if a particular tax franchise is slower one year, you might find they lay their tax preparers off or cut their hours. Therefore, you will usually get some hours depending on how long you have been with them and the amount of clients they have. You also will walk-ins that you can build a relationship with over time.

However, in reality, an independent tax preparer job has way more personal benefits and the only thing you need to have or be able to get is clients. If you have the right marketing and a reasonable marketing push, you will be able to get clients. A monetarily comparison example would be if you worked a 40 hour week full time for 14 weeks at $10 hour you would make $5600, although that will not be your take home pay. As an independent tax preparer, if you were to average just one client a day for the same 14 weeks and you made just $100 per each client as your percentage (reasonable average) you will only have to do 84 returns to make $8400 that you receive directly with no taxes withdrawn upfront.

Therefore, looking at it that way, you can make your own hours, work less time, have less stress, work for yourself, be a 1099 employee that is able to claim tax write-offs, make more money, and have more freedom than ever before when working in an independent tax preparer job. Isn’t it time to take your tax preparation job future in your hands? What are you waiting for? Apply to be an independent tax preparer today.


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